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In taking the SAT or ACT, any student should have a serious attitude and study hard. These two tests can determine the amount of scholarships a student receives for a school. In addition, many schools have a certain score they require in order for students to be admitted. Basically, a student wants to do well on these tests for the purposes of scholarships and being admitted to his or her school of choice.

If a student does well enough on his or her ACT, then he or she may be considered a National Merit scholar. National Merit scholars can receive great amounts of scholarships for college. In addition, there are many other competitive scholarship programs that require a minimum ACT score in order to be considered. To make sure a student has the most scholarship opportunities made available to him or her, he or she should aim to get the best score on the ACT possible.

To get into a particular college, a student will also need a minimum ACT or SAT score. For example, the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor typically only accepts students with a minimum ACT score of 28. If a student falls under this range, then he or she will have a difficult time being admitted to the university.

To get a good score on the ACT or SAT, there are a variety of approaches a student can take. A student may wish to hire a private tutor for the ACT or SAT. In hiring a private tutor, a student should clarify what the fees are per hour ahead of time. A student should also make sure that a private tutor did well on the ACT or SAT and has taken the test. If a tutor has not taken these tests, then he or she may not be qualified to teach strategies for taking the test.

Kaplan and Sparknotes also offer some high quality books that can be used for studying for the SAT and ACT. To succeed on the SAT and ACT, some students find it less distracting to study by themselves. These books usually have a few practice tests that simulate identical SAT or ACT questions. By purchasing a book to study for the ACT, a student may save hundreds of dollars that would have been spent on tutoring fees.

To summarize, the ACT and SAT are some of the most important tests a student will take in his or her life. It is important to take the tests seriously and do one’s best on them.

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