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Choosing the right college can have dramatic consequences on any young person’s life. A young person may be required to take a job in a certain location, depending on where his or her college is located. Also, attending a particular college can greatly increase a student’s debt, as opposed to a more affordable college. In choosing the college that is best for you, here are some of the tips you should consider.

1. Price

In a tough economy, considering the price of a college is very important. The prestige of colleges simply does not account for as much as it used to. Even if you attend a state school with a less reputable name, you may be making a wiser choice than peers for the decreased debt load you will have. Also, you should consider any colleges that offer specific scholarship programs for which you may qualify.

2. Location

Out of state schools are often way more expensive than in-state schools. In addition to having more expensive tuition, out of state schools can also be costly for their locations in major cities, such as New York. Be sure you can handle the cost of living associated with a certain city, before settling on a certain school.

3. Particular Field of Study

Be sure the school you choose has your desired field of study. For example, if you want to study journalism, then make sure that a school offers a journalism major. If you want to study finance, then be sure the school offers a finance major or business program.

4. Size of Student Body

Do you want to be part of a large campus community where sports are popular? Do you want to attend a smaller liberal arts school with a strong academic program? Be sure to consider the size of the student body that you want in a particular school. Some students are shocked and intimidated when they enter upon a college campus with thousands of students. Other students grow very bored being on a campus with only a few hundred college students.

5. Alumni

The more alumni a school has, the greater your chances of finding a job. Never underestimate the power of alumni connections in networking. Getting a job at a company does not always depend on one’s grades in college. More than ever, alumni connections are playing a pivotal role in getting students jobs in this tough economy.

By considering these 5 important factors, you will be able to find the college that is best for you.

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