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Knowing how to prepare for college is an important thing that many schools leave out of their curricula. Students need to know that college is more demanding academically than high school, and there are many new choices students have to make once they are on their own in a dorm or an apartment. Below is a guide designed to help students prepare to go to college and to succeed in their pursuit of a degree.

College-level academics are difficult for many students to master. Students who take advanced placement (AP) or other challenging coursework during high school find that college is easier for them. The professors at a college or university expect that students complete their work on time, on their own, and that they prove that they have read the assigned materials. College is not the place to slack off on your readings, as they become incredibly important to doing well on exams and papers. Prepare to attend class regularly as well. Attendance is crucial in a college classroom, since professors often cover a lot of material in one class session. Also, learn how to take good notes in high school and you will succeed in college. By figuring out what kind of note-taking works best for you and practicing that style, you will be able to take the notes you need to do well on exams in college.

Another thing many students do not learn at a young age is how to handle money. In college, many students spend too much of their money eating out and buying clothes or other items that they do not have enough to pay for their books or other bills. Learning how to manage money will be tremendously helpful in college, and money-saving skills will be useful throughout the rest of your life. Talk with your parents or other adults about ways to save money, find what works for you, and stick to your budget once you get to college.

To prepare for college, it is important to start early. Begin thinking about advanced classes or budgeting in the first years of high school, and you will be prepared for college-level homework and exams by the time you graduate. Budgeting will help you plan for the expenses related to a college education, and you will find yourself in less debt by the time you earn your degree.

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