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It is not difficult to make new friends when you get to college, although the task may seem very daunting. When you arrive at college, keep in mind that all of the other students are also trying to make new friends.

The best time to make new friends at college is as soon as possible. Once you’re settled into your dorm room or apartment, start seeking out other students. Freshman students are the ones who are most likely looking for new friends, also. If you are in a dorm, start talking to your roommate, or go to other dorm rooms and introduce yourself. Look for somebody trying to move a heavy box or piece of furniture and offer to help.

In a college dorm, it is completely acceptable, and even expected, to walk up to strangers and introduce yourself. Tell them your name, where you are from, and your interests. They will most likely greet you and tell you about themselves. Be interested. Everybody needs to eat, get a small or large group of people together for meals at the cafeteria or a local restaurant. If they give you the cold shoulder, they may not be interested in meeting new people right away, or it may just be a bad time for them.

If you are trying to make friends at college, and it doesn’t seem to be going well, don’t worry. It takes time to get comfortable with and put trust in strangers. You simply may not have met anybody that you things in common with. The best way to meet more friends is to stay active at college. Attend all your classes and join clubs. Start volunteering in the community. Work out at the college gym. Invite small groups of people to your dorm room or apartment to watch movies and hang out. Consider joining a fraternity or sorority.

Be sure to introduce yourself. Let others know that you are new in town, if that’s the case. Ask them where common hang out spots are, or what other students do for fun in town. Most importantly, enjoy college and be yourself.

College is full of memories that will last a lifetime, and these new friendships will also last a lifetime. Keep your mind open to new experiences and new, unique people. Be your friendly self, and you will be surrounded by new friends in no time at all.

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